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Reptiles. Did you know?

Did you know that the White Cloud Mountain fish, Tanichthys albonubes, was named for the Chinese Boy Scout leader that discovered them nearly a century ago? On a hike through the White Cloud Mountains of China Tan Kan Fei found and collected a species that had previously not been scientifically classified. The name Tanichthys translates to Tan’s fish. Many versions of this tale say Tan was eight years old when he made this discovery. The fist common nickname for this fish was the “Working Man’s Neon” because of similar body shape and size. After learning to breed it in captivity the name became “The Poor Man’s Neon”. Now know as the White Cloud Mountain fish it is one of the hardiest fish in the aquarium...
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Birds. Did you know?

Did you know each male Zebra finch creates his very own song? Zebra Finches are known for their cheerful songs consisting of beeps and whistles. The real interesting thing is that each male carefully crafts his song and by the time he reaches adulthood he will have perfected the love song he will sing for the rest of his life. The father of a clutch will teach the young males his song the sons will then make variations on that song to make it their own. According to some scientific research singing to females is an emotionally rewarding experience for the males, and may lead to a healthier and happier life....
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Small Animals. Did you know?

Did you know that rabbits have teeth that just keep growing? Rabbits have four front teeth, incisors that continually grow. These teeth, two on the top, two on the bottom are ground down by certain foods, and chewing on hard objects like wood. Rabbits will then sharpen their teeth by bruxing, or grinding their teeth together. Rats, mice, gerbils, and guinea pigs have the same teeth. ...
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