Our animal companions should be treated as much more than scenery or watchdogs. They are members of the family, constant companions, teachers, gentle leaders and special friends. They deserve our utmost respect because that is what they offer us with no strings attached. Dogs and cats teach adults and children alike about the meanings of empathy, compassion, responsibility, unconditional love and self-worth.

Even though they are a big investment of time and money, the benefits to bringing a companion animal into your family far outweigh the costs. The fact is that animals keep people healthy both physically and emotionally.

Pet owners often have lower blood pressure and less anxiety than those without companion animals. Recent studies have found that babies who live with at least one pet are significantly less likely to develop allergies to dogs and cats, dust mites, grasses and pollens.

On the emotional side, pets offer social support that can help people through difficult situations such as the stresses of growing up, divorce, losing a job and the death of a family member or friend. Dogs and cats also improve people’s self-esteem by offering unconditional love. They also teach people how to care.

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