A Great Source For Pond Supplies

Koi Fish in a Fish Pond Both outdoor and indoor fish ponds add tranquility and wonder to any space, especially here in high desert.

A soothing sound of running water, swimming fish and pond plants will bring you pleasure.

We carry a high quality flexible liner and all the accessories you will need to create a pond of any size or shape that fits your home, yard, or business.

We have a range of pumps, filtration units, and products that will make cleaning easy.

  • Many types and sizes of filter media
  • Natural solutions for managing algae, disease,  and water quality
  • Chemical cleaners
  • Expert advice and water testing tools

Wide variety of pond fish

web photos 172We have varieties of Goldfish and Koi in different colors and sizes.

  • Seasonally, we also have mosquito fish (gambusia)



Pond plants

web photos 064

In the summer we carry a large variety of pond plants

  • Water lilies, dwarf cattails, papyrus, and many more