Pet Supplies for over 40 Years

Clark’s Pets has been serving the Albuquerque community by selling them the best pet supplies for over 40 years. Our dedicated team of pet supply experts is available 7 days a week to help you find what your pet needs to stay healthy and active.

How we offer the best pet supplies

Being able to find the best pet supplies for your specific pet takes a number of factors. We pride ourselves on offering these to everyone in Albuquerque. Come to our pet shop for:

  • a selection of over 10,000 items
  • the best pet experts in the business
  • pet supplies that go way beyond dog and cat supplies
  • grooming products, toys, medicine and everything else your pet could need

If your local shop doesn’t offer you pet supplies like we do, with our variety and knowledgeable staff, then you’re going to the wrong pet shop!

Which animals do we offer pet supplies for

We believe in being the one stop shop for any pet you can think of. We do this by keeping pet supplies in stock for:

  • dogs
  • cats
  • birds
  • fish
  • reptiles
  • amphibians
  • spiders
  • rabbits
  • chinchillas
  • hamsters
  • mice and rats
  • guinea pigs
  • hedgehogs

Yep, hedgehogs! If we don’t have the pet supplies you need for your pet the chances are good that it’s not a domesticated animal! And if it isn’t, come by anyway, we may still very likely be able to help.

What sort of pet supplies do we offer

We offer a wide variety of pet supplies for all pets. We want you to think of us every single time your pet needs anything at all in Albuquerque. To accomplish this we have stocked:

  • food of every type
  • toys for everyone
  • beds for all sizes of pets
  • litter and litter boxes
  • enclosures from large to small
  • cages for transport
  • medication
  • first aid supplies
  • dishes and food bowls
  • grooming products
  • collars, leashes and harnesses

Did you not see what you wanted on that list? Please call and ask, odds are we do indeed have it in stock. With over 10,000 items between our 2 stores it is very rare we are found to not have the pet supplies our customers in Albuquerque need.

Our pet shops have a large selection of pet supplies in Albuquerque. 

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