Large Selection of Bird Supplies in Albuquerque

Bird SuppliesThe most important part of taking home a new bird is making sure you have all the bird supplies needed to keep your new friend healthy and happy. When thinking about bringing a new pet into your home we always suggest setting up the entire enclosure before you bring the animal home. This is extra important when dealing with birds. Birds have a naturally nervous disposition and can get stressed out very easily. Putting your hands into their cage to arrange perches, toys and dishes right after you bring them home may be stressful enough to be life-threatening. Like-wise, leaving them in a box while you put the cage in order is not a safe practice.

Our expert can help you to get the right bird supplies

It’s a good idea to go over a checklist with one of our knowledgeable employees when you’re picking up your bird supplies to make sure you have everything.

Different birds will need different cages, for example, finches will need enough room to fly through their cage, doves or quail will need more lateral room than vertical, hook billed birds will need stronger wire on their cages. Of course, multiple birds need a larger area than a single bird.

Birds need a variety of perches. Offering your bird several sizes, shapes and textures will help avoid problems like sores on their feet and arthritis. A dowel perch is fine as long as you offer other size perches as well. They should have at least one natural wood perch and one cement or mineral perch available at all times.