The two most complete pet stores in Albuquerque

Clark’s Pets wants to be the most complete of the pet stores in Albuquerque. We offer a wide range of supplies, services, pet food, aquariums and even pets themselves. Our goal is for both of our pet stores to be the local go to place for everything relating to the needs of the pets here in New Mexico. That is why we also act as a resource linking to many useful community organizations. Let’s look at what the best pet stores do for you!


Our pet stores connect you with the pet community

We’re not here just to sell products and make money, pet stores that are all about that miss the point in our opinion. Clark’s Pets honestly cares about animals and works in partnership with a number of organizations that go the next step and really care for animals that need help. We’re proud to work with:

Watermelon Mountain Ranch
Cats Around Town!
Wildlife Rescue Inc. of NM
Animal Humane of NM

We invite you all to visit with these companies and be a part of what makes Albuquerque and New Mexico great for pets and all wildlife.

Clark’s Pet Emporium pet stores are here for you!

If the above information didn’t convince you that we’re here, right in Albuquerque, making a difference for you and your pets then please come into our store, talk to our staff by phone or contact us through email. We’re here to be the best pet stores in New Mexico and we’re ready to serve you and your pets!

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