A Great Selection of Tropical Fish in Albuquerque

Selecting Tropical Fish

web photos 188Tropical fish are a type of Freshwater fish. They live in lakes, rivers, and streams all over the world, as opposed to Saltwater fish that live in oceans.

There are many species of freshwater fish available.

Freshwater fish come in a range of sizes, most of the fish you see in our stores are juveniles and will do some growing in you tank. We can help you to choose species that will be well suited to the size of your tank.

Some freshwater fish, such as Goldfish and Koi are considered cold water fish; they prefer their water between 65-70 degrees Fahrenheit.

Tropical fish come from more temperate zones and prefer water ranging from 75-82 degrees depending on specific species of fish.

Something else we think about when we are suggesting new fish is aggression level. Some of them are very peaceful and can live in mixed tanks with several other fish of similar temperament. There are other fish, while extremely beautiful, that can be fiercely territorial and need special considerations in space and tank mates.

Taking Care of Your Tropical Fish

Good filtration is beneficial to all fish and an absolute requirement in most cases. A combination of mechanical (sponge media to catch debris), chemical (carbon) and biological (beneficial bacteria media) is recommended. Most filtration systems have this combination. The quality of the water in your tank can have drastic effects on your fish. Over feeding or too many fish in the tank can cause a spike in ammonia that may make your fish ill. We offer water testing and advice on how to keep your tropical fish healthy and water clean. We can also offer guidance on treating fish that are showing signs of illness.

Keeping an aquarium is fun and rewarding with the experts at your back and the right equipment.

Whether you are thinking about just a small feature for an office or a child’s bedroom, or you’re ready to go big with a tank that will wow your friends and give you and your family hours of entertainment, the knowledgeable staff here at Clark’s will help you find everything you need.