A Great Selection of Small Animals in Albuquerque

Small-Animals-1This is a category including several types of smaller mammals. Ferrets, chinchillas, hamsters, rabbits, rats and gerbils are a few of the critters you’ll see in this department. Small animals can be great pets for people drawn to pets that are warm and fuzzy, but are looking for something other than a dog or cat. Ferrets are the clowns of the group and their antics will have you laughing. Rabbits and guinea pigs are great for cuddling. Rats are smart, curious, and social. A mouse or a hamster will be cute to watch and can be a great friend. There are many different temperaments and characteristics. There are a few questions you should ask yourself before deciding on a pet for you.

What kind of space do you have? Sizes and needs vary quite a bit in this category. On the large end of this group a rabbit will need a large and long enclosure (about 4 feet long). A ferret also needs a large enclosure but multiple levels can give them more space in a tall rather than wide cage. On the small side, a mouse or dwarf hamster can live in an enclosure the size of a 10 gallon aquarium. There are many different sized animals in between. Remember multiple animals being housed together will always need more room. Many of these animals are active at night, so keeping them in a bedroom may not be ideal.

Can you commit to daily care and weekly cleaning? These animals all have fast metabolisms and need a consistent food source that should be replaced daily. Rabbits and Guinea pigs will need large amounts of grass hay daily. Many small animals will have a strong odor to their waste; weekly cage cleaning is required for health, although you may want to clean more often to keep the smell down.

How active is your home? Most small animals are prey animals. In the wild they would spend most of their time running and hiding from everything that wants to eat them. They are very nervous and can stress easily, weakening their immune system. Households with a lot of noise and excitement may not be a good fit for them. These animals should be kept somewhere where they can feel safe from other pets like cats or dogs. Even if you know your dog would never harm the rabbit, the rabbit does not understand this. Having a predator like a cat or dog hanging around the cage is frightening for your small animal and in some cases could even result them having a heart attack.

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