All shots for pets at our pet shot clinics

We offer a wide range of shots at our clinic for your pets. We want to minimize the number of places you drive and simplify your life. Simply show up on a scheduled shot clinic day with your pets and we’ll get them taken care of.

Shot Clinic Dates

Lomas Location Shot Clinic:

  • Sunday June 12th
  • Sunday June 26th

Shot Clinic Hours (1pm-4pm)

Menaul Location Shot Clinic:

  • TBD

Shot Clinic Hours (12pm-3pm)

For dogs we offer:

  • Rabies, 1 and 3 year
  • Distemper Parvo (DA2PPV)
  • Bordetella
  • Parvo
  • Corona

For cats we offer:

  • Rabies, 1 and 3 year
  • Distemper

The veterinarians who will be caring for your pets

We have a veterinarian for both of our locations. These skilled practitioners have been giving pet shots in Albuquerque faithfully for many years. We’re very pleased to have them at our stores.

Lomas Shot Clinic – This is run by Dr. Carol Joyce-Lloyd. She can be contacted for additional information at (505) 286-2608, (505) 363-9714 or through her website:

Menaul Shot Clinic – This is run by Dr. Cheryl Fox. If you have any questions for her please contact her at (505) 281-2345 or visit her website at

Self administering vaccines to your pets

If you’re comfortable administering to your pets personally, we also sell over-the-counter vaccines. A licensed veterinarian or other medical practitioner must serve rabies vaccine, according to the law.

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Our  clinics are a great opportunity to do these simple things for your pets and protect their health. Visit our calendar to see the schedule.

Why take risks with your pets when you can just show up on a Shot Clinic day at Clark’s Pets? Let us help you care for your dogs and cats!